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Our Trainers


The trainers at Platinum Fitness are non-invasive, non-aggressive, fun, entertaining and very professional! NEVER should you feel like you can’t talk to one any of them! There are many different options available for you and they will always try to answer any of your concerns and questions!

They offer a FREE first session, just to answer your questions and to go over many aspects of the gym and training that you may have known or not known about Platinum Fitness Inquire to the Front Desk or contact a Trainer so you can set-up and appointment for either 1/2 hour or an hour session.

All of our Trainers are fully certified and insured.

Upon joining, especially first-timers will receive an in-house consultation and intro to the health club to answer any questions you may have about your goals.




Marybeth is our group fitness instructor/personal trainer and Silver Sneakers Programmer! Get in on a class with one of Long Islands Top Instructors that we are sure will bring you back the next day for more!!!! Open availability for training, please contact Marybeth through the front desk today!



Ken has been a member at Platinum Fitness for 30 years and has been a fitness trainer on the staff for 18 years now. Ken has multiple certifications including personal training, kick boxing, spin, and holds a black belt in Ishinryu karate. He also prides himself in his vast knowledge in triathlon, road cycling, mountain biking, and he also is a 2 time Ironman finisher and has ran 6 marathons. Ken has also competed in 27 body building contests, with 7 of the athletes that Ken has trained taking 1st place in their contests. Ken has been mentored by the owner of Platinum Fitness Dave Pomponio for the past 30 years and owes everything he has achieved in the fitness industry to him. Ken is available for personal training sessions 7 days a week here at Platinum Fitness for a personal consultation or training. Please call at 631-300-5858.


Gary Reno

Gary was born and grew up in Deer Park, NY. He was an active kid and got involved in High School sports like wrestling, football and martial arts. At age twenty Gary earned his professional wrestling license through the New York State Athletic Commission and wrestled on the professional level for over 20 years.

Currently, he is working at Platinum Fitness  and with clients who are interested in general fitness, weight loss and post surgery rehabilitation, as well as creating fitness programs for elite and pro athletes.
Gary’s passion is seeing the change in peoples lives on both the physical and mental level. Going through his own personal body transformation from an obese 260lbs to a lean 200lbs, he gets a great sense of accomplishment in his abilities to help others better their lives.

Certifications: C.O.R.F.I.T and CPR/AED